12 talks to inspire New Year’s resolutions


Happy New Year buddies :)

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Happy New Year! Last month, we asked people in the TED office which talk of 2012 inspired them to make a New Year’s resolution. And the answer was overwhelming — Amy Cuddy’s talk, “Your body language shapes who you are,” will make a lot of us walk a different walk in 2013. The point of the talk: that the way we hold ourselves doesn’t just affect how others perceive us, it actually affects how we feel about ourselves. Adopting a power pose — arms up and out, body expansive — can instantly make a person feel more confident and less stressed.

“Her talk made me resolve to stop slouching this year. After watching it, I became hyper-aware of all the ways that I make myself look smaller,” says TED’s Customer Service Specialist Becky Chung. “Another resolution of mine is to do the Wonder Woman pose during breaks.”

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